Growing vegetables in your backyard does require expensive seeds and daily attention. However, the expense and labor do pay off. The vegetables are healthier for your pet than the ones purchased at the W-Shop. And in due time, it does save you money. The seeds keep growing harvest after harvest and you can sell excess vegetables to the W-Shop. Below is a reference chart for Farm Fresh Vegetables. Note that cabbage is currently not available for purchase at the W-Shop, nor is cabbage currently known to be usable in any recipes.

My pets have eleven back yards. One for typical outdoor recreation (pool and trampoline), a second for picning and grilling, two that are tree filled and seven that function as a farm. Each farm plot is set up with seventy of the same plant (one yar for each of the seven currently available vegetables). The plants are staggered so approximately the same amount are ready for harvest each day.

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Return on investment is calculated by taking the average yield size multiplied by W Shop buying price and dividing this buy the price of a seed packet.

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