Greetings, Saluations and Hakuna Matatas!

Welcome to the homepage of David W. Prins, known to the amateur radio world as N8UJH.

I am a native of Holland, Michigan and am 49 years old.

I attended Holland Public Schools, graduating from Holland High School in 1993. I then attended Grand Valley State University, graduating in 2000. Originally intending on majoring in broadcast engineering, I switched my major to computer science near the end of my freshman year. I attended full time for the first five years. I then dropped back to part time as the number of classes I needed versus when they were offered did work out for full time status. Looking back, some of the classes I took were probably not necessary but at the time I relied on my anything but helpful advisor.

I have three children. Elizabeth is 23, Zachary is 20 and Noah is 11.

This domain has been in existence since 2004 but received overhauls in 2008 and 2015.

My first attempt at a webpage was in 1995 while a student at Grand Valley State University. That first version was entitled Dave's World. My site used that name before CBS aired a sitcome of the same name that starred Night Court alumni Harry Anderson. For those who are curious, my site's title was instead inspired by a Wayne's World hat I had at the time.

After college, Dave's World was moved to the server of a local Internet Service Provider and later to a friend who had a Linux box in his home with a 24/7 Internet connection.

Somewhere around 2002, the files were lost as my friend's server crashed and I moved to an ISP that did not host user webpages. Starting from scratch, the site relaunched during the summer of 2008.