Antenna Web
Enter your address and it will tell you distance and directon to your area's transmitting towers.
The Digital TV Transition
Site run by the Federal Communications Commission
Tower map
Map for TV transmitting tower locations in the Grand Rapids, Michigan* area.
Reception Problems
A list of known recepiton problems in West Michigan

*Since I live in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, the only stations listed are those local to me. While I do have the capability to add station from other areas, it would significantly increase the load time for this page.

Remember: in the Grand Rapids area, you do not aim your antenna towards the city the station identifies with at the top of the hour! Most towers are halfway between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo in the Hastings area (if you look at a Michigan map, aim in the vicinty of the US-131/M-129 interchange near Bradley). The exceptions are WZZM-13 (tower is in the Fremont/Grant area), WGVU-35 (tower is in Allendale on GVSU's campus), and WTLJ-54 (tower is in Allendale just south of GVSU and WGVU's tower). See my Tower map page for exact locations.