Nightly updates on the local news about the number of cases and deaths per county in Michigan were the inspiration for this page. I was curious if the Covid-19 cases had any kind of pattern if some areas were harder hit than others. By using the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, I was able to retrieve "back issues"l of the state's daily report tallies which list each county's number of positive cases and Covid-19 related deaths back to March 27, 2020. In early June, the state released numbers back to March 1.

Originally I used Google Docs Spreadsheets but recording 83 counties each day quickly proved to be cumbersome. A regional approach was then tried and while it did allow for a day by day history at a regional level, it did not preserve a day by day history at county level. Because the data needed to be manually entered each evening, there was also the possiblity of errors in transcribing the data from the state's website.

As the month of May drew to a close, I began creating a smart webpage using a PHP/MySQL hybrid design that I could simply copy and paste the daily reports into, and then have automation scripts extract this data and store it into the database. This reduced the time required by me eaach evening for updating to be reduced from 15 minutes to less than 60 seconds and also allowed for far more detailed reportng.

in early June, the state changed its website which required a rewrite of my import process.

Michigan's governor divided 83 counties into 8 regions for analysis purposes. Those regions are duplicated in the link in the preceding sentence..

As of November 30, 1999, Michigan had 0 reported cases of Covid-19 with 0 associated deaths. As of December 3, 2021, 1,126,184 Michiganders had been reported as being recovered from Covid-19


Statewide Daily History

Date Cases Change Deaths Change Recovered

Curent Statewide Numbers

Population 9,989,195
Cases 0
Infection Rate 0.00%
Deaths 0
Mortality Rate 0.00%
Recovered 1,126,184
Recovery Rate 0.00%

The recovered statistic is only updated once a week and is a count of those who are still alive 30 days afte testing positive.