I've been Geocaching since the summer of 2011. It had always sounded appealing based on newspaper articles I had read about this unique outdoor hobby. But I couldn't convince my wife at the time to let me spend $200 on a GPS Receiver. Over the summer of 2011, my cell phone contract expired and I was able to upgrade to a smart phone which had a built in GPS Receiver, problem solved.

My kids love geocaching to where it has become a tradition of something we do on the weekends I have them. It's a competition between them who can find the cache first when I say we are close to the location.

In my first month of geocaching, my kids and I together found 67 caches.

On October 18, 2011 I achieved two milestones. My First FTF (First To Find) and my 100th find, 40 days after my first find. Yes, I'm addicted to this crazy hobby as my 740 finds can confirm.