One of my earliest memories of pipe organs are those from the former Roearing 20's Pizzaria in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

After it closed in 1991, the organ went into storage for several years before returning to the public eye as part of the new Public Museum of Grand Rapids. However, the auditorium at the museum is far smaller than the dining room of the restaurant and many of the pipes are now hidden in the walls. At Roaring 20s, everything was visible in some form: hanging from the walls and ceiling or behind plexiglass walls.

After Roaring 20's closed, my interest in pipe organs went fairly dormant for nearly 20 years. Not until video taping a 2010 Christmas time organ concert at my church did Roaring 20s seriously resurface in my mind. One of the camera angles caught the swell shades opening and closing frequently. That was enough to revive the memories of The Mighty Wurlitzer.

I am unable to read music, so don't expect me to ever play one of these mechanical wonders.